Under oss / Under Us at Sigtunastiftelsen

Opening the 17th of October and until the I will show paintings at Sigtunastiftelsen in Sigtuna north of Stockholm. I will show some of my paintings of Jellyfish and other sea creatures. The paintings are made with Watercolour. Here is a Swedish text about the project >>Here is an English text about the project >>Fortsätt läsa ”Under oss / Under Us at Sigtunastiftelsen”

Behind the eyelids / The text (English)

/ Photographic exhibit. Pershagen Gallery  January 17 – March 1 2020.Text: Lars Lengquist Translation: Robbin Battison Thoughts revolved around my visual legacy. Although it was probably more about my visual self-confidence. Because I never mastered it completely till well into my adulthood. Instead, things happened when I landed at an ad agency, then design school,Fortsätt läsa ”Behind the eyelids / The text (English)”